I got to photograph the most amazing session this past weekend.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Katie and Hunter for just a few years now and it wasn't until this weekend that I was able to see the love they share for each other.  

They are more of a quiet couple, choosing to be around friends in a group of people rather than each other and I admire that.  The first time we met I actually had no Idea that the two of them were even dating as they aren't really the show offish type, but this past weekend I saw them laugh, love and hold each other tight for just a few hours and it was clear to me that this engagement was no surprise and that it more so just made sense.  

Raw love is hard to find and that is what makes my job so incredible to do because I get to see love at its finest daily.  October is going to be just beautiful with the two of you.  Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of the journey.