I guess it's about time I introduce myself for those of you who don't know the face behind the business.

Hi, I'm Erin! I am the wife of Reeves Raley, fur mama to Riggs and Kaiboo, and the proud owner of Luxe and Pine Photography . Photography was never on the books for me, I actually planned to be an elementary art teacher until I took one photo class in college and the first day of class I went and switched my major right there. Crazy right? Even that day I never would have thought in a millions years I would be running my own photography business at 24 but here I am world! My clients will be happy to tell you I am certainly one of a kind behind the camera. 😊 Some of my favorite nights are eating pizza curled up on the couch with my family watching netflix. I am currently based out of Raleigh, NC but hope to one day own a farm house directly in the center of a field of lavender. (Just a little specific right?) I may or may not have a dog problem. No matter the kind or size I will run up and literally pick them up just to kiss all over them. Coffee dates are my favorite as long as I can order an iced chai anytime of the year😍 I have just a little thing for neutrals, my husband likes to tell everyone our whole house is one color. 😚

 But the most importantly I am completely in love with my career as a photographer. I love that my days are filled with love and laughter, even after the session is over and I get the look through the images and take in all the memories just made.

That's just a quick peek into my life. Feel free to leave a comment to introduce yourself. And if you're in the Raleigh area I would love to grab a coffee!

Happy Friday everyone!! #luxeandpinephotography


What a fun shoot with an awesome family! A big thank you to the Gaskins for recommending me to the Lindsay family.  We had such a fun time wondering all around this breath taking arboretum and this sweet family just made it all the better.  Their little boy, Hayes, had the biggest smile on his face the whole time.  He was cheesin' big and we loved it!! 

Here's some sweet shots from our session:) 


Back at it again with the lovely erin Lutz of Lutz Photography.  The Lausons wedding could not have been filled with anymore of Gods precious grace.  Not only was this wedding beautiful beyond words but the ceremony itself I will never forget.  I don't know that I have ever felt so connected to God then I did in this ceremony.  

I wish this couple all the best in their new adventures. Congratulations Amber and James! 


This couple right here took a chance on me and I am truly grateful!  It was an incredible wedding with so much love for each and the lord.  Gods grace was spread through out the ceremony and then the toast and I couldn't help but keep the smile on my face watching their love for one another never come before the lord.  

I wish so much happiness for these newlyweds and the adventure God has in store for them.


What a pleasure it is to have worked with the Gaskins family once again.  Another Baby G has entered the world and we are so thrilled about it. Harrison could not be any cuter!

I have been blessed to know this beautiful family for almost six years and they have grown in size from two to four in those six years and what a great sight it has been to watch them become a loving family.  

Can't wait to see this little bug all grown up!!


I got to photograph the most amazing session this past weekend.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Katie and Hunter for just a few years now and it wasn't until this weekend that I was able to see the love they share for each other.  

They are more of a quiet couple, choosing to be around friends in a group of people rather than each other and I admire that.  The first time we met I actually had no Idea that the two of them were even dating as they aren't really the show offish type, but this past weekend I saw them laugh, love and hold each other tight for just a few hours and it was clear to me that this engagement was no surprise and that it more so just made sense.  

Raw love is hard to find and that is what makes my job so incredible to do because I get to see love at its finest daily.  October is going to be just beautiful with the two of you.  Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of the journey.


Well Lauren and Michael will never forget their engagement shoot for as long as we all will live.  the day could not have been more crazy and unpredictable, but this lovely couple went straight through it head first and came out just as beautiful as if it was a sunny and 75 day.  

It was 20 degrees outside and the wind could have blown you away it was so strong but we found a quaint little ally way in downtown Durham that could not have been more perfect!  I am excited to see this couples lives unfold and and become one in June.  

Thank you for choosing me to be your photographer and for trusting me when I say everything will be just fine. 

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When I was asked to photograph Alexis and Rollins' wedding I could not have been more thrilled finding out that it was going to take place at Mordecai Historical Park.  Such a sweet little church that has been there for over 200 years and the sweetest couple with a love just blooming.  

The day couldn't have been more beautiful with family surrounding the couple on their special day.  It was such a pleasure being able to capture such an intimate ceremony under God's shelter.  He is good always.  

I wish a life long happiness to Alexis and Rollin as they embark on a new journey.


Here's just a little sneak peak of Benny and the Bea's

I got do what I love and play with the sweetest puppy too!  This shoot was this first time I got to take pictures of a couple in love just because!  

Chelsea, Britt and Ben seriously might be the cutest little family ever!  I had had the pleasure of knowing Chelsea through college and to see her with someone that makes her so happy and to be asked to take pictures of this sweet family was such a pleasure.

Thank you for allowing me to capture such effortless love.